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30 Day Return Policy

1-Year Warranty

We cover LED burnouts and any issues that are our fault


Over 25,000 HyperCubes delivered since 2018


So many brilliant patterns out of the box… Seems like some previously uninvented thing you’d half come across at an art museum and half at a concert, but small and affordable enough to have at home. A really special thing.

-Mike G.

This product is better than advertised. It sits squarely at the perfect intersection of art and science with so many color schemes and light patterns that it really does feel like the possibilities are infinite. This is still the best thing I own. If they made these ratings out of 100, I would give it 100/100.

-Jim s.

In a word: magnificent. I know it’s been a long journey to get here, but what you guys have created is truly a work of art. Thank you for the pursuit of quality and dedication to your vision. You’ve created in me an evangelist of both your product and customer service for life.

-Sean P.

Thank you guys so much for creating the BEST GIFT EVER! We knew it would be amazing but it has surpassed our expectations. It is beautifully constructed, all the patterns are so creative and gorgeous, and it seems like there are an infinite number of patterns within each mode.

-Emily L.

My partner is having so much fun watching the sound-reactive patterns while listening to his favorite synthwave music! The sound reactivity is so tight and dead-on, as though it is creating a personalized music video for us.

-Emily H.

Engineered to perfection

95 patterns and 3 modes

95 unique, custom coded light patterns and 3 modes - Kaleidoscopic, Meditative, & Sound Reactive. Each mode acts as a playlist smoothly cycling through patterns every 60 seconds.

advanced sound reactivity

Musical frequencies are converted to light with a microphone, analyzing musical lows, mids, and highs to create infinite ultra-responsive audio-visual experiences.

scratch proof

Glass mirrors are extremely durable, able to withstand fingernails, festivals, and even a light swipe from metal without scratching.

hyperspace app

app controlled

Hyperspace at your fingertips. Control modes, patterns, colors, brightness, speed, intensity, symmetry, and more.


HyperTech automatically syncs after being connected to our app. Sync up to 256 devices simultaneously.

1 year warranty

All HyperTech is covered by our 1 year warranty. If it’s our fault, you are protected.

Deck out your space

The Sleekest Infinity Mirror in the Multiverse

The Hyperspace App

Pilot your HyperMirror through spacetime


Choose from 95 patterns and 3 modes, including over 30 specially designed sound reactive patterns.


Pick up to 3 of your favorite colors, or choose from a wide variety of premade palettes.


Adjust pattern brightness, speed, intensity, and symmetry. Save your customized creations.

Product Info

Technical Specifications
What's in the box?
Warranty & Shipping Policy
Dimensions (all sides) 11.25 x 11.25 x 1.625 in (285 x 285 x 41.3 mm)
Total LEDs 72
LEDs Per Edge 9
Max / Avg Power Draw 7.5 W (1.5 A) / 1.5 W (0.3 A)
Weight 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)
Colors ~ 16 Million
LED Rating 50,000+ hours
Windows Glass
Frame Solid ABS
Wifi Connectivity 2.4 GHz
System Voltage 5V
Standby Power Draw <1W
Power Adapter US plug. Accepts 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Flux Capacitor Rating 3.14 Jigawatts

When your shipment arrives, you will find the following items in the box:

  • Your fully assembled HyperMirror
  • Power Adapter
  • Instruction Manual

Shipping Times
A limited number of HyperMirrors are in stock and shipping now! New orders are expected to ship within 1-2 days of placing your order. Shipping times are 2-5 days within the US, and up to 2 weeks international. You can view the details of our shipping policy here.

1 Year Limited Warranty. We guarantee your HyperMirror will arrive in pristine working condition. If you’re having issues, it’s on us. See our warranty page for additional information.

How do I set up the HyperMirror?

Simply plug the power adapter into an outlet and connect it to the USB-C port on the side of the frame. Let there be light!

How do I use the HyperCube?

The HyperMirror will blast out photons as soon as it’s plugged in. By default it will play patterns from the “Kaleidoscopic” mode, changing pattern every 60 seconds and generating new random colors every 10 seconds. You can manually change the pattern with a single press of the button, and change mode with a double press. Holding the button for 2 seconds turns the LEDs off. For additional control and customization, download and connect the Hyperspace Lighting app!

Does the HyperMirror work without the mobile app?

Yes! The app is used to fully control and customize the cube, but the HyperMirror is entirely functional without it. Patterns can be switched with a single press of the button on the control box, modes can be changed with a double-press, and the device can be turned off with a long-press. Syncing multiple cubes does require a home WiFi network and connection to the app.

Can I use the app when I’m not connected to wifi at home?

Absolutely! The app connects via wifi, but you don’t need to be at home to use it. The cube has its own wifi hotspot that you can connect to from anywhere. So if you’re at a festival, out in the desert in the middle of nowhere, etc, you’ll have no problem connecting to the cube and controlling it!

How does the sound reactivity work?

A microphone inside the mirror detects incoming sound then our software analyzes it, converting high, mid, and low frequencies into lighting effects. The result is an ultra-responsive lightshow, visualizing your music with light! There are 31 unique, specially-designed sound reactive patterns that the cube will rotate through when in "Sound Reactive" mode. You can also make any of the other patterns sound reactive by syncing their brightness to the beat from within the app.

Can I choose calmer, slower patterns?

Yes! Our content usually features the more energetic "Kaleidoscopic" patterns, but there are 24 calm, slow patterns found in the Meditative mode setting.

Is there a DMX control or software for professional lighting designers to customize?

Our controller does allow for wireless WiFi E1.31 control out of the box, but we’re looking into other cable adapters that will allow the cube to be hooked into compatible controllers.

Will you add smarthome integration?

Smarthome integration is in the works! We plan to add Google Home, Alexa, HomeKit, and more in the near future. We expect to have this ready as a free update to our app later in 2023.

I’m having issues connecting the app to the mirror, what can I do?

Try resetting the WiFi connection by holding the button on the control box for 10s until the LEDs in the cube flash green. Then try the different connection processes in the manual again, including the standard “Add New Hyper-Device” process and the “Can’t Connect” process at the bottom of the connection screen. It may help to reset the WiFi after each attempt. See our support section more more details.