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Pilot your Hyper-Tech through spacetime

Fully customize colors, effects, and more with the Hyperspace Lighting App

hyperspace app

Select From 3 Modes

Kaleidoscopic, for dynamic patterns and symmetries. Meditative, for chill, zen-inducing patterns. Sound Reactive, to visualize your music for a multisensory experience.

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Infinite Color

Personalize your experience - pick up to 3 of your favorite colors, or choose from a wide variety of premade palettes.

hyperspace app

Customize Pattern Effects

Alter pattern speed or the intensity of effects, such as the length and duration of light pulses.

hyperspace app

Save Your Favorites

Save your favorite customized patterns for easy playback.

hyperspace app

device list

Automatically sync up to 256 connected devices. Set up sync groups for different sets of devices.

hyperspace app

advanced configuration

In-depth configuration settings, including randomized pattern order, pattern transition speed, mic sensitivity, and much more.

See the app in action

From connection to controls, Futurespace Collective walks you through

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