Hyperspace-OS Firmware


Firmware can be updated from the homepage of the Hyperspace app. In the device list, a download icon will be visible on each connected device if there is an update available.

Latest version: v1.6

Changelog from v1.0

  • Fixed broken device UI on Google Pixel phones
  • Removed the ability to swipe between sections in the control UI
  • Improved connection process reliability
  • Added "identify" feature on device list, flashing circle icon. Pressing this will dim/flash the lights in the device to identify it
  • Added the firmware update feature. When a firmware update is available, a download icon will appear on each device in the list
  • Added spinning loading wheel during connection process
  • Removed WiFi captive window when connecting directly to HyperCube AP
  • Fixed "Ignition" symmetry for HC15
  • Fixed "Ignition" crash on pattern startup in certain cases
  • Fixed "Flux Capacitor" 0 intensity crash
  • Modified "Gravitational Wave" pattern - now a pulsing beam of light
  • Fixed synced color issue for "Atomic Generator"
  • Longer & improved light beams for HC15 "Ultra Sound"
  • Breathing pattern now changes color on max brightness to smooth the effect
  • Slowed and smoothed color changes on Convergence and Prismatic Alignment
  • Improved "Scintillation" sparkle timing and intensity controls
  • Added "Chromatic Flux" manual intensity changes
  • Improved "Spectral Shift" color sync
  • Improved "Breathing" color and timing sync
  • Improved "Comets" color cycles
  • Added extra sound reactive sparkles:
    • "Rainbow Symphony"
    • "Sonic Superposition"
    • "Melodic Fusion"
    • "Chromatic Soundwave"
    • "Sound Smash"