HyperCustomer Reviews and Features

HyperCustomer Reviews and Features


HyperCubes have found their way into hundreds of homes across our dimension, and today we want to showcase some of them! Over 1600 HyperCubes have been delivered to date, bringing infinite chromatic light to a multitude of happy customers and onlookers. A few of these folks have even put together unboxing and review videos! Today we want to showcase a few of those. Their enthusiasm brings us a lot of joy, and the videos are filled with great info and first impressions from new owners of Hyperspace tech. We hope you enjoy!

First up is Stiles, a backer from our original Kickstarter campaign in 2018! With a great rundown of our history, unboxing, impressions, sound reactivity, and a walkthrough of the app, this video has it all:

Next up is Paul, one of our recent Indiegogo supporters. We've never seen anyone this excited about our cubes, and we love it! Lots of great background info on the company and fun first impressions here:


Finally, a great tech YouTuber KhanFlicks has put together a fantastic and in-depth review of the cube. Check it out!



Many thanks to all the content creators! We love seeing these videos and sharing them, and would love to see more from other Hyerspace explorers.



Finally, we want to show off some fantastic setups, battlestations, and Hyperspace portals that customers have sent us. It’s great to see where our infinity mirror cubes have found their home around the world. Enjoy!

If you’ve got a HyperCube and want to show it off, we would love to see! Send us any shots or videos through the email contact link here or on our social media accounts and we’ll feature you! And if you still need one of your own, we’ve got you covered: https://www.hyperspacelight.com/the-hypercube

Thanks once again for your support and patience everyone, it means the world to us. See you in hyperspace!


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